Our mission

Our next mission is to Riva, Nicaragua. Riva is a small town on the border of Costa Rica in Central America. Riva has the biggest sweet water lake in the world, it’s called Lake Nicaragua. In the middle of the lake there is an island with two active volcanoes. On the island is the small orphanage where we will be sending our next shipment. We are gearing up toward early 2008.

Most of theses communities have very limited access to potable water and basic sanitation. As a result, the people living here are exposed constantly to dirt and disease.

Our goods will be distributed to people who come from as far as the two towns in the Cardenas area, which lies on the southern shore of Lake Nicaragua. In this area, there are 8,500 people, all living off subsistence farming, and all have very limited access to healthcare. Rivas is a 90 minute bus ride.

The other destinations for the team will be along the route from San Juan to El Ostional. During the rainy season, a large part of this area is inaccessible due to the three rivers that cross the main road. As such, with the road still being a dirt road, access to healthcare is even more limited than in the Cardenas area.

Our Previous Missions

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