BIBLIOTECA MOVIL. Giving For Living volunteers distribute books through our Mobil Library, which travels from neighborhood to neighborhood loaning books to kids and teenagers. By providing thousands of books to children in need, we’re able to help children improve their writing and reading skills.

SHOES FOR BOOKS. We encourage children to not only borrow, but fully read each loaned book from start to finish. If a child returns a book with a short synopsis, he or she receives a free pair of shoes. We also distribute light-hearted and educational material that’s easy for children to digest – some of which outlines the importance of washing hands, attending school, and more. Today, we’ve donated over 120,000 books, clothes, shoes to children in need. 

MICROCREDIT PROGRAM – BANK FOR THE POOR. In the spirit of Noble Peace Prize Winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus (founder of Bangladesh’s “bank for the poor”), Giving For Living has developed a credit system that provides monetary loans to people in need. The Giving For Living Bank believes micro loans are effective in fighting poverty, an idea supported by independent studies associated with the World Bank, the International Food Research Policy Institute (IFPRI) and the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS). In order to free themselves of extreme poverty, the poor need access to credit so they can improve their lives through the launch of their own income-generating enterprises. Women make up 90% of borrowers, starting businesses that range from hammock-making to basket weaving to the establishment of a chic