On our 2007 mission we visited the health center in Cardenas and we were given a tour of the facility. We learned about the daily challenges facing the people and the provisions of health care delivery. The center consists of a single level construction made up of several rooms, had no running water and lacked basic amenities such as sheets, gloves and hand sanitizers. Basic medications such as antibiotics, creams and fever medicines were scarce. Even more challenging was the fact that the center provides medical care to over 8000 patients per year and serves the population and all villages of the very southern part of Lake Nicaragua. On this mission, GFL responded and provided medical relief to the best of its abilities. Through the collective efforts of all GFL members, we obtained medicines and medical equipment donated by various pharmaceutical companies such Merck Co, Johnson and Johnson and MAP international. These medicines were donated to the people of Nicaragua and were provided in coordination and cooperation with the local health care providers and medical directors. We hope that in the future through various grants we will be able to provide more help in this arena and improved on our efforts and its scope.